Every dollar you donate helps every breath they take

By Lori Larsen

We often take for granted our ability to breathe, our ability to sustain life, but for those who suffer from lung diseases or respiratory illness, every breath counts, as does every dollar raised during the Walk to Breathe campaign.

Join others from September 7 to 17 in a virtual 2022 Walk to Breath initiative. Over the past two years, organizer Chris Sadleir from Edmonton has walked over 840 kilometres and raised over $90,000 with the Walk to Breathe campaign.

He walked in honour of his father, the recipient of a lung transplant six years ago, who will be celebrating his 73rd birthday on September 17, and in support of Alberta Lung.

Nearly one million Albertans struggle to breathe every day and Chris’ vision is to raise funds for Alberta’s Breathing Space, which will be the first facility of its kind in Canada that will provide a sanctuary for lung transplant patients and their families.

According to Alberta Lung and NWT, Edmonton’s transplant program is ranked second in Canada and sixth in the world for transplant innovation, and 77 per cent of transplant patients live outside Edmonton and surrounding areas.

The estimated cost for a lung transplant family for nine months, including accommodations, meals, hospital parking, gas, laundry, cell phone and medication, is $78,610.50.

The Breathing Space will offer patients and their families a home away from home where they can come, stay and heal.

Funds raised will also help other programs in support of Albertans with lung disease and respiratory ailments.

Unfortunately, Chris has been advised by medical professionals to sit out the walk this year, so he invites all Albertans to join him in the virtual walk in hopes of having 840 participants to help raise the funds.

Anyone interested in participating and helping fellow Albertans get their second wind can register at https://secure3.convio.net/ablung/site/TR?fr_id=1060&pg=entry

For more information on the Breathing Space, visit www.ablung.ca/breathing-space-home-away-home.