Wild Rose Co-op Food Store

4818-51 Street, Camrose

Wild Rose Co-op – You’re at Home Here


Camrose - Groceries, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores

Killam – Groceries, Fuel, Agro

Sedgewick – Groceries, Home and Building Supplies, Fuel, Agro

Viking – Fuel, Agro

Hardisty – Fuel

Galahad – Fuel

Alliance – Fuel

Wild Rose Co-op serves east central Alberta through multiple locations with food stores, convenience stores, fuel supplies, lubricants, agricultural supplies and services, building supplies and hardware. We are a different kind of business, being member-owned means that any profits are returned to our members and stay in the local economy. We live where you live, work where you work and help grow the economy right here. We are your neighbours and we make sustainable investments in the communities we share. We pride ourselves on our customer service and invite you to visit a location closest to you. We strive to make you feel like “You’re at home here.”

Monday - Sunday: 7:00 am-10:00 pm
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