Camrose Booster LTD

4925-48 Street, Camrose

Launched in 1952, we quickly became, and continue to be, preferred reading by almost everyone in the entire area. In a 2013 audit, 83.4% of people surveyed indicate they regularly read or look through our publication! Always better - always better read!

Since 1986, The Country Booster has been delivered to all farm families, acreage owners and other rural residents and those who enjoy small town and village living in east central Alberta. The Country Booster is a must read for our friends from the country and a great place to advertise if your goal is to reach deeply into the rural market.

Our Super Booster is published on some of the most significant business weeks for our community during the calendar year. No other form of print is more important to readers when they're in need of consumer information, news or assistance with buying information.

In addition to our popular and prize-winning publications, we serve the community in other ways as well. We are east central Alberta's busiest printing shop! If it's ink on paper we can print it!

We produce and sell thousands of rubber stamps annually. Businesses and homeowners count on us to fly the flags we sell. We design eye-catching websites and in the last few years we have become the local source for logo clothing and other products. We offer no shortage of selection - approximately 800,000 itmes from which to chose!

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